Our family farm was purchased by Joe Haigh (Simon’s Grandfather) in 1953.

In 1963 it was passed to his son John Haigh. Then in 1973, with the introduction of VAT, John and his cousin Harry (Andrew’s father) decided to form a partnership. Not only did this allow them to save on accountancy bills, it also allowed them to run a larger egg production business and diversify to achieve a pedigree flock of Texel Sheep. 

Today, the two eldest members of the fourth generation are involved as butcher and farmer, with their mums also playing key roles in the running of the business. In fact, Simon’s son Luke represented England in 2011 at the Young Butcher Competition at just 20yrs old – a chip off the old block! 

It’s a true family affair here at Bolster Moor Farm Shop!

  • Four generations

    Four generations

    We’d love to know what great grandfather Joe Haigh would make of Bolster Moor Farm today. We think he’d be proud as punch that his farming genes have carried on and are thriving some four generations later. A great deal has changed since his day, but we still wear flat caps now and then - and by ‘eck we’re sure he would have approved of that.


  • The Bolster Moor Family

    The Bolster Moor Family

    From left to right, our Bolster Moor Family is Henry (school), Luke (butcher), Lewis (school & young farmer), Andrew, (butcher farmer), Joe (school), Lisa (admin), Simon (butcher farmer), Debbie (admin), Jack (farmer) and Tom (studying business). This is what you call a true family business!

  • From field to plate

    From field to plate

    Most of the beef and lamb at Bolster Moor Farm Shop is our own, which has been fed on our farm (and where we need to bolster our own stocks, we source from local farms). We believe local is best and here you can be assured that we have full traceability from field to plate. 

  • Life on t'moor

    Life on t'moor

    We live and work here in Bolster Moor in and around the farm, the farm shop and the coffee shop. Whilst it’s nice to get away for a holiday now and then, we’re usually itching to get back and wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else. We love this place and nothing gives us more pleasure than sharing our little corner of God’s own county, with its panoramic views 1000 feet above sea level, with our lovely customers. 

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