We love cake.

(As well as biscuits, and scones, and buns, and cream cakes, and trifles, and fruit crumbles, and fruit pies... Yum!)

Plus we know our customers do too! That’s why we make so many different cakes and desserts every day. Next time you visit Bolster Moor Farm Shop, take a look over at the back right of the shop. You may just spot our bakers rolling out pastry, or putting the finishing touches to cakes, novelty buns and smiley gingerbread men.

Mmmm.... is it tea break yet?


  • The Sweetest Thing

    The Sweetest Thing

    The temptation levels in Bolster Moor Farm Shop have just multiplied by a few thousand since our new cake counter was installed. 

    Our bakers are in their element filling it daily with an array of fresh cakes and deserts to make you swoon... Which will you choose? 

  • Cakes & Gateaux

    Cakes & Gateaux

    We get so many compliments on our beautiful cheesecakes and gateaux, which we sell fresh and frozen for your convenience (they’re a great thing to have squirrelled away in your freezer). They serve 4-6, but if you require a larger one for a party, just let us know in good time and we can make them for you to pick up. 

  • Traditionally Baked

    Traditionally Baked

    We like to use traditional methods to bake all our cakes and desserts and our master bakers never cease to amaze us with the delights they produce. Nothing more tempting than seeing them walk past with a tray of freshly baked treats of some kind or other! They like to get creative too with seasonal cakes and buns that often look too cute to eat (such as our army of little snowmen in wintertime) but are guaranteed to be absolutely scrumptious. 

  • Puddings & Pies

    Puddings & Pies

    As well as cakes and desserts, we also make a variety of fruit pies, crumbles and puddings, which are fab with custard or ice-cream for a true family favourite. Our personal favourite is our Bolster Moor Sticky Toffee Pudding, with our homemade Sticky Toffee sauce, which is part of our championship range. It’s won awards and there’s no wonder, because it’s a heavenly indulgence.

  • Fresh & Delicious

    Fresh & Delicious

    Just like all our homemade produce, we make the cakes we sell in the farm shop on site daily, for that extra fresh and delicious taste. These can be bought to eat at home or also can be enjoyed in our coffee shop, open 7 days a week. 

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